Polish-Emirati Business Club

The aim of the foundation is to support and promote the development of economic, trade, business and financial relations between the Republic of Poland as well as the United Arab Emirates.

The foundation realizes its aims through the following means:

inspiring, promoting, developing and sustaining partnerships between businesses and enterprises from Poland and the UAE in the field of commerce, finances and widely understood economic cooperation; developing a network of stakeholders from both countries

supporting actions which aim to bring down obstacles that make it difficult for enterprises to grow in Poland and the UAE

gathering and disseminating information concerning the economic situations in Poland and the UAE

providing advice and consulting services to enterpreneurs from Poland and the UAE

doing research on investment opportunities in Poland and the UAE and promoting them in the business environments

(co–)organizing conferences, seminars, congresses, discussion panels, training courses and other events as well as participation in those

creating reports, essays, analysis

holding publishing activities

cooperating with local and national governments, business sector and non–governmental organizations in terms of the aims of the foundation